Wall Street Journal Agrees With Me

It is always gratifying to see the major media agree with things you’ve been writing and talking about for years.  Thus the WSJ articles in  the Thu Aug 30 edition Section B entitled “The Economy Stole My Retirement” and “Waiting Won’t Guarantee A Higher Bid” were welcomed.  Since 2005 when I initiated my “Will Your Business Pay for Your Retirement ©” workshops and through 2007 when I published my book “Shortcut to Security ©”,  I’ve been talking about the shortfall that awaits small business owners if they depend upon the sale of their business to fund their lifestyle after they leave their business.  Since 2010, in my newsletter and blog I’ve talked about how demographics, lack of overall economic growth, and lack of capital are going to drive down the prices of smaller businesses.  And I’ve written that this is outcome is unnecessary with the proper change in strategy and tactics!

So now that it has been published in the WSJ, maybe owners and their advisers will start taking this seriously.  If you are an advisor to small businesses and you care about your clients, read these articles and read my book.  Then start talking to your clients and get them to make the changes they need to ensure they will be able to enjoy the fruits of their business ownership life.

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