Retirement Most Owners Who Try Selling A Small Business Or Passing It On To Their Managers Fail!

You’re tired. You’re ready for retirement  and moving on to the next phase of your life. You’re tired of dealing with the people problems. You’re tired of dealing with the cash flow issues. You’re tired of the stress and the risk.

You’re selling your business or implementing succession to family, managers or employees. Then you will be free to do all those things you haven’t had time for and have the retirement  you hope for.Sounds easy – but it’s not!The vast majority of business owners who try retiring by selling a business or succession to others on fail!

Your fate can be different!

Our time-tested methods can ensure that your business sale or business succession works out the way you want, giving you the retirement  you envision.


Contact us at and find out how the Podolny Group Business Value and Retirement Assessment© can quickly show how to change your business from one that has you trapped in it to one that serves you and lets your finish your career in style.


Those in the investment banking and business broker industries will tell you that half of all businesses they represent fail to close – mostly because of the sellers themselves!  And those that close most often lead to failure to fund the owners’ retirement at the level they enjoyed as owners.


The circumstances that cause most of these failures are unnecessary. You can take advantage of decades of experience and over a half a billion dollars in closed deals to help you understand the issues that will undermine your own desires by using the Business Value and Retirement Assessment©.


You can take advantage of our proven, time-tested methods to avoid the errors and have the successful business sale or business succession that gives you the retirement you want with the rewarding post-business life you want as well.


Don’t delay. Contact us at today and find out how you can have retirement from your business without the frustrations and failures.


Will you be one of the of the very many business owners trying to retire who goes through the time consuming and distracting process of attempting to sell your business only to fail? Will you attempt a business succession only to find yourself back where you started?


Or, will you be taking advantage of the knowledge available to you via the Podolny Group Business Value and Retirement Assessment© and use the proven, time-tested techniques that can ensure you have a retirement that fulfills your financial and personal vision?


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