Planning Ahead to Sell Your Business

This month we are exploring the effect of time on the process of selling your business or business succession. In particular we are discussing various reasons why it is ultra-important to start this process as early as possible and give yourself plenty of time to explore and figure it out.

A little confession here, I (like you maybe) have professional who is guiding me in the world of using social media. One could gather from my age that social media is not my ‘natural’ playground. In designing our program, she asked me each month to find a fellow commentator who I could link to as part of the message for the month. I wasn’t very happy about this as I thought it was cheating so to speak, not really being my own writing. But a funny thing has happened. As I am actively looking at what others are writing, I keep finding new and interesting slants my subject matter.

So this month, I’m linking you to Josh Patrick of Stage2 Planning Partners. I like his firm because they are real proponents of a multi-disciplinary approach to succession-selling. I really like this particular blog post of his as it dug much deeper into one of the many reasons it is so important that we be dealing with succession and/or selling early.

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