Disruption – Third Horseman of the Business Owners’ Apocalypse

I’ve been talking about a series of behaviors that again and again and again undermine business owners’ from achieving their ultimate rewards. I’ve called them the Four Horsemen of the Business Owner’s Apocalypse. We’ve discussed the first two, Denial and Delay. They are the two more obvious ones. Our next Horseman is Disruption.

Disruption is a much more subtle and insidious force because on the surface it appears so innocent. Assume that you’ve gotten by our first two Horsemen. You no longer are denying that you need to address the issue of how you want to retire or transition from your business and that you need to consider how you are going to get the highest valuation possible to serve your personal financial goals. You’re not putting it off either.You have started to talk with and even engage the kinds of experts who can help you with all the things that need to be done to have to achieve those goals. Then something happens.

It could be anything. It could be a personnel issue. It could be a production problem. Or it might be a customer issue. You feel you need to put your time and energy into resolving the problem. So you’re going to have put those projects you were working on related to your exit/succession to the side. And then maybe another issue comes up so you’ll have to put the retirement/transition/business value project to the side again.

And so it goes. Sometimes owners never come back to the strategic exit/successionplanning again because it is so addictive to be working on the current problems. They’re so real, so now, so important. Letting yourself become addicted to disruption is yet another way of achieving denial but ever more so subtly.

Next up – Detail (a lack of respect for)


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