Delay – Second Horseman of the Business Owner’s Apocalypse

Denial as we discussed last time is the biggest and most prevalent of the Four Horsemen. But let’s say we get beyond our fears and denial and we actually say we’re going to commit to planning for how we finish our business life, the remaining Horsemen linger and they become progressively more insidious.

Delay is Horseman Two and is actually a close companion of Denial. That’s because Delay can make someone look like they are dealing with the issue, when in fact they’re just kicking the can down the road. How much better than outright denial. At least I have the image that I’m doing something.

But the realities of business transition are that all the things necessary to get a great outcome take time. I tell people 5 years is the minimum time necessary to get good outcomes with 7 to 10 being ideal. So if you’re in your late 50’s and you find all kinds of good reasons for delaying getting started on this process, you are putting your outcome at greater and greater risk.

And perpetual delay is just denial under a different cover.

Next up – Disruption


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