The “retirement” lifestyle you want and deserve is in your grasp, read on to make an educated decision about the right choice for you and selling your business or business succession



This section includes both material on business succession including articles on general planning, passing your business to employees, family business complications, and business partner relationships and information on how to uncover the best possible exit scenario that aligns with goals for your personal well-being.



Here you’ll find insight into identifying what “retirement” looks like for YOU.  I put that word in parentheses because many baby boomer business owners, deep down, do not want to completely stop working. Evaluate your personal lifestyle needs to help you select a business exit solution you will follow through with – you know what it is leading to.


Selling Your Business

This section covers everything you need to know about selling your business. From a series outlining the entire sales process to quantifying the true value of your business to understanding the difference between business valuation and business marketability. Determine whether or not selling your business is the right option for you.



We often process information more viscerally by seeing and hearing it, rather than reading. In this area, Michael Podolny covers key concepts important to any Baby Boomer business owner starting to think about leaving their business.