4 Factors Holding You Back From Your Exit Plan

More of how to have the exit you really want – Avoid the Four Horsemen of the Business Owners Apocalypse!

We’re coming to the end of the year. For so many of business owners, 2012 has been one of recognizing that they’ve lost four precious years since 2008 and that age is continuing to creep up on them. Yet still many owners have problems creating an exit or succesion plan and moving forward with it.

I directed you last time to Barbara Taylor’s excellent blog post on dealing with fears a key reason owners fail to succeed with their plans. But what else is there that is going to keep us from doing the things that will give us the success we want and deserve. My work with clients has shown there are four things that are insidious sort of like high blood pressure, the silent killers. These are so pervasive and are the cause of so many failed plans that I call them the Four Horsemen of the Business Owner’s Apocalypse. They are:

Denial – “There’s no problem. I’m not getting older. Things will take care of themselves”

Delay – “Call me in six months. I’ve got these issues I just have to deal with now”

Disruption – “Hi Michael. I’ve got to cancel that meeting with estate planning folks. I’ve got this big rebid going on and it has to have my attention.”

Detail (lack of respect of) – “Yes I know you think I should get someone to help me with recruiting my new key number two person. But I can do it. I don’t want to pay for someone when I can do it myself.”

I have seen these behaviors come up time and again. Over the next several weeks I will discuss each in turn.


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